Yoruba Proverb Art Cushion: ‘Ìwà lewà / Character is beauty’
Yoruba Proverb Art Cushion: ‘Ìwà lewà / Character is beauty’


Yoruba Proverb Art Cushion: ‘Ìwà lewà / Character is beauty’

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The Brief

  • Decorate your home with Yoruba culture and language.
  • The cushion features the Yoruba proverb ‘Ìwà lewà ‘interpretation: ‘Character is beauty’
  • A bold statement for your home shining a light on Yoruba language and culture.
  • Ethically made and sweat-shop free.

 The Details

  • This cushion is double-sided - with one side in Yoruba and the other in English.
  • Large-sized: 45 x 45 cm
  • Cushion materials come in two options: a) 100% cotton, or b) Faux Suede
  • NOTE: Only the cushions cover is provided. Cushion inserts are available online or from local homeware/DIY stores.


The Yoruba People and Proverbs

The Yoruba Language is one of the most widely spoken African languages with millions of speakers world-wide.  It is the unifying language of the collective Yoruba people.  The majority of the Yoruba people now live in Benin, Nigeria, and Togo, with around three—quarters living in south-western Nigeria. Two of the most notable original and historic Yoruba civilisations include the Kingdom of Ife and Oyo Empire. 

 The Yoruba language, people, religion, and traditions are intertwined.  The result: some of the worlds’ most distinctive art, culture, and literature.

 As a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, historic and more recent migration, the Yoruba language, culture, and religion, has traversed seas, continents, and generations. Brazil, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, the United Kingdom, and the United States are now home to thriving Yoruba-speaking communities. 

Proverbs have always provided a powerful means of sharing knowledge, experience, beliefs, and ideas. In a few words they can awaken, motivate, empower, teach, and inspire.  The Yoruba equivalent have an important place in Yoruba tradition.  These original Yoruba proverbs, and their translations, can serve us all.