About Us

The Aṣọ brand produces ethically manufactured African-inspired t-shirts, vests, t-dresses and accessories for men, women, and children.
The Aṣọ brand is owned by Olumo Rock Enterprises (ORE) Limited a small creative start-up incorporated in London, UK in 2013. ORE and Aṣọ were both created by a British-born Nigerian keen to explore creative expressions involving the interactions of African, European and other global cultures.
‘Aṣọ’ means ‘cloth’ in the Yoruba language. For us, Aṣọ it is a metaphor for all people of African descent around the world: something built from common fibres, adaptable, woven into many forms, but without loss of its original essence.
On our collective journeys we offer and we receive. We are dynamic. We are constant. We continuously create new cultures whilst retaining our heritage.
With the help of artists from across generations, we create clothing and accessories inspired by our many journeys and experiences, home and away, past, present, and future. We offer these up for the whole world to enjoy.


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