track suit top featuring Iyoba Idia. African Fashion style
track suit top featuring Iyoba Idia. African Fashion style


Limited Edition: Iyoba Idia Embroidered Tracksuit Top

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The African Heritage Track Suit Top 

Limited Edition unisex lightweight tracksuit top featuring the iconic Iyoba Idia pendent mask design on the back of the jacket in high quality gold embroidery. 

The jacket also features a smaller version embroidered onto the front of the jacket.  The jacket is made from silky soft-touch polyester. A bold statement for those that want to get noticed.. 

The Image

The embroidered design on the jacket is the famous image of a 16th century ivory pendent mask of the likeness of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) from the ancient Kingdom of Benin in what is now modern day Nigeria.   The mask is one of the most recognisable African images.  Unfortunately, only one version of this mask remains at home in a Nigerian museum.  The others are in museums in Britain, Germany, and the USA.

The Icon

Iyoba Idia was of the Edo people. She was a warrior, protector, and a political & spiritual guide who fought for her son, Osegie, to claim the title of Oba of the Kingdom of Benin (c1504 to c1550). Her power and influence were such that she has been referred to as the ‘Hidden Oba’. She represents a timeless example of an African leader.

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