Iyoba Idia Mask “Shadow” T-Shirt Black/Gold
Iyoba Idia Mask “Shadow” T-Shirt Black/Gold
Iyoba Idia Mask “Shadow” T-Shirt Black/Gold


Iyoba Idia Mask “Shadow” T-Shirt Black/Gold

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The Low Down

  • Not just a t-shirt- it's wearable African culture and heritage.
  • The art featured is of one of the most iconic pieces of 16th century African art.
  • The likeness is of Iyoba Idia – an African Woman, leader, warrior, and inspiration.
  • This garment makes a REAL statement. The wearer provides the signature.
  • This  t-shirt brings Edo & Nigerian heritage to everyone's attention
  • Heads turn, and people will take note.
  • Ethically made and sweat-shop free.

 The Style

  • A comfortable fit - slightly relaxed but with some stretch.
  • Can be worn by any gender.
  • Casual but stylish

 The Artwork

This garment features the iconic image of a 16th century ivory pendent mask of the likeness of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) from the Kingdom of Benin in what is now modern day Nigeria.   The mask is one of the most recognisable African images.

Iyoba Idia was of the Edo people. She was a warrior, protector, and a political & spiritual guide who fought for her son, Osegie, to claim the title of Oba of the Kingdom of Benin (c1504 to c1550). Her power and influence were such that she has been referred to as the ‘Hidden Oba’. She represents a timeless example of an African leader. For more information about Iyoba Idia see:






The Fabric

100% combed cotton ethically produced t-shirt with an exceptionally fine finish and comfortable finish.