Iyoba Idia Cuff-Links - Gold Plated




These gold-plated cuff-links recreate one of the most well-known and revered pieces of African artwork – the 16th century Ivory pendant mask of Iyoba Idia. It is one of that dispelled many myths about Africa, African people, and African art. It cemented the realisation that African art  of the same period was as sophisticated and as advanced  as those created in Europe - or even more so.

The cuff-links are cast in bronze and plated with 24ct gold.These cuff-links celebrate the phenomenal Iyoba Idia who hailed from the Kingdom of Benin during the 16th century (now in modern day Nigeria). 

Iyoba Idia - warrior, politician, spiritual leader, adept politician, and protector of the Edo people. She was also known as the "The Hidden Oba" and remains a giant of true leadership.  For more information see:




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