'Nigeria People' Leather Tote Bag
'Nigeria People' Leather Tote Bag


'Nigeria People' Leather Tote Bag

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The Brief

  • It’s not just a bag – it’s a statement
  • Hand-made and strictly limited edition
  • It’s a reminder that: Nigeria - the world’s most populace Black nation is very diverse - and very united
  • Big, and spacious, and with a hidden magnetic closure 
  • Ethically & sustainably made in London, UK. Sweat shop free


The Style

Classic tote-bag style.   The bag measures 31cm (h) x 28cm (h) x 10cm (w). The bag is made from recycled leather - except for the printed front panel: Vegan Leather (synthetic / PU).


The Message

This printed front panel features a small sample of some of Nigeria’s many (many!) ethnic groups. Nigeria – the most populous African nation.  With over 250 ethnic groups, it is one of the most diverse countries in the world. We’ve picked some of the largest, plus some of the most well-known, some that straddle national boundaries.   We would need a much bigger bag to fit them all in!  

 Nigeria’s unity has endured many challenges – but is has prevailed.  We see a united future. One where all Nigerians step forward together.

 “We are a people united across boundaries - both the real and the artificial. Across generations, across nations, across rivers, and across religion. Many rivers, one source.”

 This is something for Nigerians, and the friends of Nigeria too…

 Also available as a unisex T-shirt, and a ladies tunic.