‘Knots’ Printed Hand-Crafted Leather Case (Black & White)
‘Knots’ Printed Hand-Crafted Leather Case (Black & White)


‘Knots’ Printed Hand-Crafted Leather Case (Black & White)

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100% leather, hand-made in the UK.  This unisex-case can be used as a media case for your tablet, and phone, as a clutch purse (there is a loop to attach your own strap or chain), or as a keep-safe.

The front of the case features an unforgettable untitled original painting by Ottawa-based Nigerian artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe. This artwork embodies what the Aso brand aims to achieve – the highlighting of outstanding African creativity from across the world.

About the Artist: Better known as Kosi, she is a first generation Nigerian-Canadian visual artist. Born in Nigeria, she moved to Canada where her multicultural upbringing manifested itself, in part, through the adoption of franglais and a long-lasting love for Nollywood movies. 

She is also the creator of Coloured Conversations - a multimedia project combining visual arts practice with critical social theory. Inspired by the work of countless Black feminist intellectuals and artists, ranging from bell hooks to Lorraine O'Grady.  The project's vision is to inspire others to challenge, reinterpret and redefine notions of race and gender within society. Coloured Conversations believes in the power of art to facilitate a process of self-determination and self-actualization.

For more information about Kosi and Coloured Conversations: http://www.colouredconversations.com/