Iyoba Idia Oversize Sterling Silver  Mask Ring (adjustable)
Iyoba Idia Oversize Sterling Silver  Mask Ring (adjustable)
Iyoba Idia Oversize Sterling Silver  Mask Ring (adjustable)
Iyoba Idia Oversize Sterling Silver  Mask Ring (adjustable)


Iyoba Idia Oversize Sterling Silver Mask Ring (adjustable)

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The Brief

  • This is a wearable expression of real African culture and heritage made from bronze.
  • It is a version of one of the most iconic pieces of 16th century African bronze art.
  • The likeness is of Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) – an African Woman, leader, warrior, and inspiration.
  • The ring is large and makes a powerful statement.
  • This ring brings Edo & Nigerian heritage to the forefront.
  • Ethically made in hall-marked sterling silver.
  • Size 6cm (h) x 2cm (w)
  • Is made with an adjustable shank.


The Detail

This ring is cast in solid sterling Silver - size 6cm (h) x 2cm (w)

This ring celebrates the phenomenal Iyoba Idia (Queen Mother) who hailed from the Kingdom of Benin during the 16th century (now in modern day Nigeria).


The Story

This ring is a modern interpretation of the image of Iyoba Idia – Queen Mother of the 16th century Kingdom of Benin (now in modern day Nigeria).  The original bronze life-size artwork was one of the renowned “Benin Bronze” pieces. Many similar pieces were seized in a punitive raid by the British (some of which can be found at the British Museum).


The Benin Bronzes shattered the myths that African art was by any means primitive.  It sent a clear message that African art was well capable of being just as sophisticated, or even more so, than European art.


Iyoba Idia - warrior, politician, spiritual leader, adept politician, and protector of the Edo people. She was also known as the "The Hidden Oba" and remains a giant of true leadership.  For more information see: