"African Queen" Art Cushion by Tarra Louis-Charles


"African Queen" Art Cushion by Tarra Louis-Charles

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 The Brief

  • Decorate your home with Contemporary African diasporan art– from Haiti.
  • The cushion features an original and empowering painting: ‘African Queen by Haitian-American artist Tarra Louis-Charles.
  • Representation always matters – in the home too.
  • This is a bold Haitian artistic statement
  • Ethically manufactured- sweat shop free.


The Details

  • This cushion is double-sided - with the same design on both sides
  • Large-sized: 45 x 45 cm
  • Cushion materials come in two options: a) 100% cotton, or b) Faux Suede
  • NOTE: Only the cushions cover is provided. Cushion inserts are available online or from local homeware/DIY stores.


The Artwork

This cushion features an original painting by Haitian-American artist Tarra Louis-Charles: ‘African Queen’. Acrylic on 14x18 canvas panel, 2016.  Her sister Stephanie Ambroise provides the following accompanying Haiku:

"African Queen"

-sunsets on her lids

hope floods eyes to luscious pools opens,

loving home-

 For more info about the artist: https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyTarraLu/